Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Georgetown Cultural District Update!

Members of the Georgetown-Scott County arts community began meeting in the fall 2011 (August 23) and reached the conclusion early on that we wanted to apply for Cultural District Certification. We completed a hefty project application and submitted this to the Kentucky Arts Council on November 1. The four organizing coordinators for the application have been Historic Georgetown (Kitty), Cardome Center (Allison), and G-SC Planning Commission (Brian) in addition to yours truly. But, we have a whole community of partners -- Art Gal, Jan at SCAC, Annie, Judy, Earlene, Artie, and so many others.

The Arts Council has alerted us to the date when the announcement of CD status will be granted. It's February 9 and Governor Beshear will make the announcement. We're hoping to caravan to Frankfort to hear the news (and hopefully, it's good news!).

One accomplishment has been the City of Georgetown's declaration of our Cultural District. So, we are taking the name and running with it. WE ARE a CULTURAL DISTRICT already. To this end, we are implementing one of our objectives, that is, the creation of a central calendar to share news of the cultural events in our community. We've begun that process already. See the link below or the one on the following "Page" to see our Georgetown Cultural District Calendar! Have something to add? let us know by emailing us or leaving a comment below with the information. Special thanks to Allison for all of her work on getting our calendar up and running!

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