Tuesday, November 1, 2011

In the Beginning...

we started with a hope to bring the idea of a Certified Cultural District to life. This process began with our Executive Director of Historic Georgetown, Incorporated, Kitty Dougoud, who had knowledge of this Kentucky Arts Council program. She shared her vision with the arts and culture community in Georgetown, Ky. Since that first meeting this past summer, we've had several conversations with folks in town and in the county and, along the way, formed a Steering Committee to coordinate the application to the KAC and, down the road the networking and communication among individuals and organizations within our Cultural District, when (hopefully!) approved by the Kentucky Arts Council.

The deadline for the application to the KAC was today. We made it, as of 11:55 am! This application was prepared as a team effort among the Steering Committee. (Thank you all!) Four coordinators (who have called the meetings of the Committee, kept minutes, and prepared the final document submitted to the Kentucky Arts Council) represent different sectors of our community: Kitty Dougoud, Executive Director of Historic Georgetown Incorporated (Georgetown’s Main Street Program); Brian Shorkey, Senior Planner for the Georgetown-Scott County Planning Commission; Juilee Decker, Georgetown College Art Department Chair; Allison Damron, Administrator at Cardome Center.

As a group, we came up with an ethos and a mission statement for our Cultural District:

Our Ethos: "Georgetown is a place that supports and encourages independent artists, musicians, historians, authors, and artisans while fostering understanding of our community and its past and promotes lifelong learning."

Our Mission Statement: “It is the primary mission of the Georgetown Cultural District to improve public perception of the cultural resources available in Georgetown and the surrounding area. This mission applies to both the residents of Georgetown and to the visitors of the area.”

These statements have guided our application and will continue to guide our endeavors as a Cultural District.

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